Central Transport is a global transportation company that provides services in the logistic, freight, and supply chain industries. It has been serving clients since 1962. The company has been operating in more than 20 countries throughout the world.

Central Transport International Freight Tracking

Central Transport International Freight Tracking

Central Transport International Freight Tracking is an international freight forwarder based in Dubai, UAE. We specialize in shipping your cargo from point A to point B seamlessly and efficiently. Our team of experts are available round the clock if you require any assistance or advice regarding your shipment’s transit process.

Central Transport Inbound Tracking – How Can I Track My Shipment?

You can track your shipment at any time by visiting our website, calling the customer service center or using the mobile app. Also, you can use our web app to track your shipment from anywhere in the world.

What is the Difference Between Central Transport LTL and Central Transport TL?

Central Transport International LTL, also known as Central Transport TL, is a shipment that is loaded onto multiple trucks. This can be done in one day or over a period of time to reduce costs and speed up delivery.

This type of freight service is usually cheaper than Central Transport International Truckload (CTIL), but it may take longer to deliver your goods because there are more trucks involved in this type of shipment.

How Does Central Transport Packaging Work?

Central Transport uses professional packaging experts to pack your freight. We will use the following shipping containers:

  • Standard 20′ Standard Containers (SCS)
  • 40′ Standard Container (SCS)
  • 40′ Dry Bulk Containers (BCS), including Barge, Flat Rack, and Stackers/Lifts

These containers are all custom-made for our clients’ shipments so that they can be moved safely and efficiently by truck or train. The SCS is a popular choice because it has proven itself over time as the most cost effective way of transporting bulk commodities such as grains and minerals. It offers great protection against weather extremes while being easy enough for any driver or shipper to operate without much training on how best handle their load during transit through various environments such as cold climates where temperatures can reach -40C (-40F).

The best way to track your freight shipment is by visiting www.centraltransportint.com/.

Tracking your freight shipment is easy with Central Transport International Freight Tracking. You can visit the website at www.centraltransportint.com to track your shipment, or use their mobile app to make sure that you know where it is at all times!

If you need more information about tracking shipments with Central Transport International Freight Tracking, please contact them directly via email: [email protected]

What companies does Central Transport own?

Central Transport International Freight Tracking is the leading freight tracking service provider in Canada. We provide real-time information on your shipments, with full visibility and control over your cargo. Our clients include manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who need to know where their goods are at any given time.

Services include:

  • Advanced driverless technology that provides you with 24/7 visibility into all aspects of your shipment’s movement;
  • Integrated solutions for cross-border shipments;
  • Dedicated staff ready to answer questions or provide assistance 24/7;


We hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of how Central Transport International Freight Tracking works. We know it can be confusing, but we also know that once you have a basic understanding of the process, it will seem much easier. In the end, what matters most is that you choose an organization with a proven track record of providing high-quality service and reliability at all times.

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